Monday, August 15, 2016

Support Super Powered Fiction on Patreon!

Patreon may be the most important platform of our time. It allows for immediate support of creative minds. Usually it comes with exclusive content by said creator. A number of great creators survive through Patreon: whether they be comic creators, musicians, photographers or some kind of multimedia pioneer.

Others are like me, and seek out patrons that might help Super Powered Fiction become a full time reality as a writer. I want to continue to have the time to produce all the great stories I currently have in various states of reality. Many will start appearing in just a few weeks, but I would love to devote more and more time to this site and my writing in 2017 and beyond. 

I am serious about this. I have grand plans to expand Walking Shadows and Lightweight should the fund-raising become more successful. I have eleven goals listed on the site should monthly funds continue to rise. They range from a dedicated domain name for Walking Shadows to paid spot art to the debut of a book tentatively titled Cosmic! as a second web serial. Higher tiers would turn Lightweight into an online for everyone serial as well, gain Walking Shadows a devoted server and beyond. I've actually crafted several more goals should I ever reach that elusive final mark. 

I'm a long way from there at Patreon.

I've got exclusive content over there though. As I'll talk about when the newsletter hits in a couple days, I plan to expand a ton of creative force in the next few months on creating new and interesting ideas, even as I expand upon Walking Shadows, Lightweight and F.O.R.C.E. 

You can help. As little as a dollar a month will get you access to the hidden blog which contains hidden content related to Walking Shadows as well as behind the scene details of the book's corner of the Quadrant Universe. Higher pledges can get you ebooks, website links and advertisements on site. 

If you have ever enjoyed any of my work, the Patreon is now the first and best place to access more of it. Give it a look and please if you can, consider a patronage. Only with your help can creatives like mine move onto the next level of great work in the year's ahead. 

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