Lightweight: Senior Year

The ongoing powered hero narrative is always something I have been fascinated by from the day I first watched Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends through years of massive comic purchasing and into my own writing. But prose fiction has never really experimented with the format as much as I think it should. With Lightweight I set out to change that with regularly updating new books chronicling the ongoing life of a young hero into his adulthood.

The first book in the series Lightweight: Senior Year collects the first five adventures of Lightweight as he goes from a guy with strange and mysterious dreams to a costumed hero in his own right, while fighting giant robots, flame monsters and deadly assassins. Even with the aide and support of his friend Millie, he might not have enough to face down the mysterious forces that work against him!

From the back cover blurb:

Kevin Mathis wanted nothing more than a normal life. But his dreams brought him the power over gravity, and that power turned him into the hero known as Lightweight. Now as he faces down the trials that come with the final year of high school, he also must deal with a flood of villains, all out for his blood. Killer robots, deadly assassins and a fire-wielding monster all await Kevin as he fights to become the hero he never wanted to be. Experience the adventures of Lightweight from the beginning within the pages of Senior Year, the newest novel from Nicholas Ahlhelm, author of Out For Vengeance, A Dangerous Place to Live and Living Legends: Old Soldiers!

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