Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A few words on the future of this blog

I've made the decision to discontinue my regularly Monday Wednesday Friday updates here on the site. I've done this for several reasons, but the primary one is the lack of interaction they've gained in the last several months. I've watched my reader levels drop drastically here even as I've seen sales go up on my work. Clearly there's a major disconnect between this blog and my readership.

Secondly, it isn't really devolved into a lot of discussion of things I like and very little focus on stuff I write. I want to change the focus here to make this blog all about what I'm releasing and when. So the site will still see updates, and with two new stories out every month in the upcoming weeks, it will be far from dead.

If you want to keep up on things upcoming or are just a huge fan of my blogging, I am far from done there. You can read more from me at Medium. Right now it is a few articles on comics, a handful of interviews and several wrestling articles. But I will be endeavoring to update with a new article about every week there. They will likely be longer than a lot of what you've read here as late, and hopefully more in-depth.

Of course, there's also the newsletter and the Patreon. I'm posting at Patreon almost every week and updating the newsletter every other.

This is far from an end, just a change. I'll see you soon as my next release is only days away!