Monday, March 18, 2019

Don't sleep on Newer Gods!

While this site focuses much on my own writing and other areas of interest, I have other blogs out there to focus on expanded views of things outside the purview here. One such outlet is the nearly year old blog Newer Gods, where I am doing a week by week rundown of comics featuring every appearance of the New Gods after Jack Kirby's initial run.

Now seems like the perfect time to mention it, as I just reviewed the beautifully rendered Uncanny X-Men and New Teen Titans, where the two heroes from different universes suddenly exist in the same one to conveniently team up to fight Darkseid and a reborn Dark Phoenix. Written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Walter Simonson, it's just amazing to look at. The story is all kinds of crazy as well, so be sure to head over and check out both parts of this epic review.

A new update will debut on Thursday and every Thursday for the foreseeable future. (There's a lot of New Gods appearances to cover.) So strap in and be sure to follow the fun of Newer Gods.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Great Art: Boom Boom by Mike Maihack

I've been a huge fan of the work of Mike Maihack for quite some time. His prints are all over our house, including my personal favorite featuring Yukio. His work on Cleopatra in Space has brought one of the most fun series of all ages graphic novels to life and I recommend it to everyone, especially with Fallen Empires, the fifth volume, only a few days from release. Last year, he did a series of X-Men pieces and this one featuring Boom Boom in her original look is one of my favorites.

As always, you can check out a lot more Great Art over on the Tumblr. And after you're done admiring some great art here, don’t forget to check out some of the other great stuff from me this week!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Curious about Shockwave? Here's your chance to read it free!

I'm hugely proud of the fans that support my new work as its released. I'm doubly proud of the fine folks over at Patreon that continue to support and receive new fiction month by month. But I'm also honest that not everyone wants to take the plunge and support new works sight unseen. With that in mind, I wanted to give everyone out there a chance to read the first chapter of my new series Shockwave for the low, low cost of free.

How do you get such perfect benevolence? On Thursday, I send out my next newsletter. In it, fans will have a link to Shockwave 1: Destiny's Beginnings. All you have to do to get a copy is to subscribe to the newsletter. Already subscribed? You don't have to do anything! Then you will soon see the link whisk to your email box.

Now, I'm well aware everyone out there might not see this in the first twenty-four hours it is posted. However, rest assured that anyone that subscribes to the newsletter in the month of March will see the edition featuring the new story hit their email box!

If you're not yet familiar with the newest character in the Quadrant Universe, Shockwave is the tale of a young man named Noah Logan in the tiny city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa,. He suddenly finds himself under attack by intergalactic monsters! The attacks awaken his own nascent powers and starts a saga that will take him across the universe and back again!

So head on over to the newsletter or just enter your information in the handy subscription box below!

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Kickstart the Week 72: Flying the 1959 Hellride to Section Zero!

This time around I wanted to shine the light on a couple of Kickstarters that have both fully funded but that are excellent comic projects by some truly cool talents.

Jim Lawson has been a favorite artist of mine since the 90s when I first discovered him as a regular artist (and later writer/artist) on Mirage's original version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He's got a unique but shockingly deep art style that I will always enjoy whether it's in black and white or color. He's produced a couple different books on Kickstarter, but right now he's got two new projects I'm excited about in one great Kickstarter.

The first is the complete edition of Dragonfly, the first part of which he funded on Kickstarter several years ago. It's the tale of a turtle like being, a woman, a dog and some aliens on a strange island where everything is pretty much not quite right. The first volume was fun and now this edition will finally bring the story to completion.

Hellride is the second title, and while Lawson is a bit more vague on the subject matter, it sure looks like the description is in the title. Our protagonist in on his motorcycle for a ride straight through Hell!

Both books look superb and you can help fund one or both at the same Kickstarter.

The second project of the day is the long awaited second volume of Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett's Section Zero. After funding the completed version of the original six issues as a book, they've got the new book on the market both as a Kickstarter exclusive and as an upcoming series at Image. (I'm enough of a fan that I'm supporting both.) Now they're going back in time with the series to explore the early days of Section Zero in Section Zero: 1959.

If you're wondering what it's about, think Challengers of the Unknown meet Area 51. I'm not trying to spoil anything else for me with this book though, so anymore details you will have to find at Kickstarter.

Kesel and Grummett are two of the finest comic creators still going. They've both been at it since the 80s and together are probably best known for creating the Kon-El Superboy. They had two amazing runs with the character in his original series and Section Zero is the continuance of one of the best creative pairs in comics. Head over to Kickstarter to support it!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Cosplay Friday: Cassie Hack

One of the delights of this year in comics has been the return of Tim Seeley to the world of Cassie Hack and Vlad in Hack / Slash vs. Chaos from Dynamite Comics. It's a series I could honestly read for months to come but alas it is just a limited series.

Yet even should it serve as a swan song to Cassie and company, Seeley and company built a strong legacy for the characters. That can be seen in several amazing cosplays of Cassie, with perhaps Tata-Chan1012's look here the best. Big ups to both her and photographer Laernu Sinatas for making this a reality.

As always, you can check out a lot more great Cosplay pictures over on the Tumblr. And while you are admiring some great cosplay here, don’t forget to check out some of the other great stuff from yours truly this week!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The roller coaster ride of the writing life (WIP Wednesday)

February is done and March is here. It feels as though 2019 has flown by so far for this writer. I've published five stories so far with twenty plus still coming later this year. It's been good to bring new material out into the world once again, something I didn't do nearly enough of in the previous two years. I still have a lot of publishing ahead of me though, so other parts of the last month are a bit disappointing.

I managed just under 29,000 words for the month, shy for the second month in a row of my 35,000 word monthly target. It is still ahead of my January count however and probably would have came much closer to my goal if I had the three extra days of the previous month.

So I'm starting out March with a goal to pick up speed again. I've been working hard to start producing more content across the internet in the next few weeks as I start to stagger things a bit in the coming months. One of my goals is to make sure I'm releasing something new five days a week across my various sites. This site will remain an aggregate for where my current projects are coming and going however.

Right now, those projects include the final draft checks of Quadrant 7 and Lightweight 18 in preparation for their release later this month on Patreon. Like the previous stories, they will be up for pre-order at the same time with release dates about seven months from now.

I am also toying with a story idea to start out a new serial to be published on my Medium account. So far it has mostly been used as a hub for talking about the art of writing and deep dives into the world of comics. But I have a new narrative that I might test out as part of Medium's paid service, but more research will have to take place before a final decision is made on that one.

Sometimes the challenge feels like I'm staring up at a skyscraper that is the future. But much like King Kong, I'm going to make that climb.

So work remains in progress. I'm currently working on a future installment of Shockwave, one with major implications for the future of the series. Next up will be the final chapter of the current Lightweight saga plus the final three Quadrants for the next year. From there, I will start on some of the bonus stories I haven't even started to talk about for the second half of the Patreon in 2019...

Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Epsilon for just $1.00! One week only!

It's rare that I participate in a lot of sitewide promotions. But in the last few weeks, I've made an effort to embrace the Smashwords platform. If you're not familiar with Smashwords, it offers users the chance to buy ebooks in multiple formats while offering higher payouts to content creators. It also avoids some of the corporate oligarchy that seems to fuel Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other sites. With that in mind, I decided to put my one full novel on the site up for sale.

Epsilon tells the tale of a superhero team unlike any other in my writing. The Quadrant Universe has its share of meta-heroes, but it also has an equal number of degens, people disfigured horribly by the metagene. But in between the two lies the epsilons, mutated figures that still possess amazing powers. Epsilon follows the exploits of a team of the beings, the defenders of a school designed to train these strange figures that common society finds revolting and dangerous.

The tale kicks off in the team's darkest hours. Their leader Wave is dead. Half their core team were destroyed by one of their own. Now the only non-Epsilon member of the team suddenly finds herself the head of a school and a super-team she never expected to lead. Along with the feral Bagheera, the acid-skinned Beauty, the winged Air Raid, the burning rock-man Flint, the monstrous fire-breather Devil Boy and the near featureless Thief, she finds herself in a world in constant flux as new threats emerge from the shadows to threaten everything they know.

It's a fun story, built using the Levitz Paradigm, years before half a dozen writing sites starting to report on comic writer Paul Levitz's method for plotting Legion of Super-Heroes. And it's one I want to put in front of more eyes because it remains one of my favorite works.

It's only a dollar ($1.00!) from now until Saturday, March 9th. Buy it at Smashwords and help both the platform and the writer make ebook sales stronger for all involved. 

If you read it, please also give us a review. Both Smashwords and Amazon have forums to talk about your purchased books. Give your thoughts there and on Goodreads will help get more eyes on this and future works. .

Friday, March 1, 2019

Gallur-y: The Burden of Death

Over the last few years, Mexican artist Rafael Gallur has become a go to painter for action. A regular painter of amazing lucha libre magazine covers, he channels the energy of Frazetta into modern cover art, something very lacking on this side of the border. And since his art doesn't quite fit into the usual comic-oriented Great Art feature, I thought it was time to give him his own feature here at Super Powered Fiction. Few painters can match the power he brings.

We start the feature off with an amazing Blue Demon piece, "The Burden of Death." It's one of his older pieces on the site, a cover to an old lucha comic. And no, I don't have a clue as to why he's fighting a 19th century United States cavalrymen.

So I'll open up a challenge. Tell me why this heroic Mexican hero has come to this position. I will award the best reason a copy of Quadrant 7, the launch of the second volume of that title, days before anyone else sees it! 

Be sure to head over to Gallur's DeviantArt to check out more work by him and order some of his amazing work as prints. After you're done admiring his work, don’t forget to check out some of the other great stuff from me this week!