Monday, March 4, 2019

Epsilon for just $1.00! One week only!

It's rare that I participate in a lot of sitewide promotions. But in the last few weeks, I've made an effort to embrace the Smashwords platform. If you're not familiar with Smashwords, it offers users the chance to buy ebooks in multiple formats while offering higher payouts to content creators. It also avoids some of the corporate oligarchy that seems to fuel Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other sites. With that in mind, I decided to put my one full novel on the site up for sale.

Epsilon tells the tale of a superhero team unlike any other in my writing. The Quadrant Universe has its share of meta-heroes, but it also has an equal number of degens, people disfigured horribly by the metagene. But in between the two lies the epsilons, mutated figures that still possess amazing powers. Epsilon follows the exploits of a team of the beings, the defenders of a school designed to train these strange figures that common society finds revolting and dangerous.

The tale kicks off in the team's darkest hours. Their leader Wave is dead. Half their core team were destroyed by one of their own. Now the only non-Epsilon member of the team suddenly finds herself the head of a school and a super-team she never expected to lead. Along with the feral Bagheera, the acid-skinned Beauty, the winged Air Raid, the burning rock-man Flint, the monstrous fire-breather Devil Boy and the near featureless Thief, she finds herself in a world in constant flux as new threats emerge from the shadows to threaten everything they know.

It's a fun story, built using the Levitz Paradigm, years before half a dozen writing sites starting to report on comic writer Paul Levitz's method for plotting Legion of Super-Heroes. And it's one I want to put in front of more eyes because it remains one of my favorite works.

It's only a dollar ($1.00!) from now until Saturday, March 9th. Buy it at Smashwords and help both the platform and the writer make ebook sales stronger for all involved. 

If you read it, please also give us a review. Both Smashwords and Amazon have forums to talk about your purchased books. Give your thoughts there and on Goodreads will help get more eyes on this and future works. .

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