Saturday, August 13, 2016

Celebrating Jenny Everywhere Day and looking back at my Jenny-related work

It's Saturday and I'm posting? What's going on here?

Turn out today's a very special day. It's Jenny Everywhere Day, folks!

Jenny Everywhere has long been a character that fascinated me. Designed as an open source character available for anyone to use, I found the dimension traveling young lady an interesting heroine that I always wanted to do more with. I already have two short stories featuring the character in my publishing repertoire, though I suspect more will appear as I continue the saga of my personal Jenny.

Diana Nock's great Jenny illustration is featured on
both ebook releases. Find more from her at Jinxville.
“Past Prologue” introduced my version of Jenny Everywhere to the world and gives her something of an origin point. She starts out in the real world (more or less) but she will quickly start on adventures that will push the boundaries of what I have already established in the Quadrant Universe. The new tale creates some plot point hints that will come to play in future chapters.

“Troll-Hunted”, first published in 2014, continued Jenny's journey as she first stumbled upon the multiverse's nexus Anywhere. It also reveals a threat still hunting Jenny. Who is that mysterious threat? Well that is still to be revealed!

A third Jenny Everywhere story is now in the planning stages for release, as previous stories were, on August 13 of next year. It should be the longest Jenny story so far as I start to connect the short pieces already released with a few new revelations about our friend Jenny.

In the meantime, make sure to check the Jenny Everywhere Day site all day long as it brings new art and stories featuring this unique and entertaining character.

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