Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Great Art: Nightside by Tom Derenick

Sometimes I think Robert Weinberg is the one writer to most get the shaft from the transition of Marvel editorial from Bob Harras to Joe Quesada. He wrote an absolutely amazing run of Cable that really redefined the character, only to have it thrown in the garbage in favor of a high military angle that forgot everything Weinberg set up. (Though years later, someone remembered he brought Rachel Summers back to life.)

Fans loved him though and Marvel gave him a new book, Nightside. A creator owned book even, something unheard of in early 2000s Marvel. But that book was destined for an even shorter lifespan as they put basically no effort in supporting Weinberg's work at all.

Still the book featured some of the finest comic art by Tom Derenick, a creator I've known since his early days drawing Malibu's Protectors. He would go on to gain fame as an early Ebay artist, before picking up many a gig at Marvel and DC. I believe he still works for DC now, even if he rarely does any regular series work.

Above is his cover to Nightside issue 2, sans color. It's a great piece, even if the series and character it features are long gone.

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