Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday: March 2017

It has been slow going on the writing front since the beginning of the year. I have edited some material and am working on an outline for a new series, but outside the limited time I've had for that, I haven't done much writing.

That has changed however in the last few days as I've put several hundred words into a new short story, my first real fiction work of the new year. The new story is part of an anthology I solicited entries for many many moons ago, a book entitled Super Kaiju Battle Squadron: Dino Force. With a title like that it probably comes as no surprise that the book was inspired by various Japanese tokusatsu series. My story takes the action to Rio De Janeiro to introduce the T-Rex of the team. It will be joined by four other tales, but more on that later.

That is just the first planned story I have for the year but as I said previously, I am not rushing towards any of it. But I strongly suspect you will see the release of Dino Force sometime before the end of the year.

As to what else I am working on? That will be revealed in the next few weeks, especially with a big project announcement come April.

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