Monday, January 7, 2019

2019: A Mission Statement

Today ends the first full week of 2019. And in that week, I've thought about where I wanted this blog to go in the new year.

Much of it I've already talked about in some detail over the last few months. This will be the waypoint to let everyone know exactly what new stories are coming from yours truly in the weeks and months ahead. Most of that focus will be on Patreon, where I'll deliver new stories every couple weeks. But I will also have other appearances pop up this year, with a couple anthology appearances in Pro Se Productions releases for example. I will be posting to Medium every week or two with a new article that might not fit the usual purview of this blog, such as my recent piece on the one year anniversary of learning I faced cancer. Or reminders every now and then when I post a particularly good update to Newer Gods or that Wrestling Deep End still exists for anyone that wants to read my thoughts on the sport of kings.

It will also come with thoughts now and then on the products I'm reading. If you have your ad blocker off for this site (and I appreciate it if you do) you can see the Amazon links to the books, movies, shows and games I'm enjoying right now. I'll add commentary now and then on what I am enjoying.

And I'll still stop in for WIP Wednesday updates as well.

My plan is to continue updating the blog three to five days a week in 2019. But if you want more content, be sure you follow me on Medium, join the Super Powered Fiction group on Facebook, and by subscribing to the newsletter.

So stay tuned for new and different adventures as this year continues and thanks for reading!

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