Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Atomic adventures of Lightweight! (WIP Wednesday)

Most of my first week of my 30,000 word September was actually spent building upcoming posts for this blog. As part of my commitment to regular writing, I also plan to do some regular blog posting as well, although perhaps a bit more esoteric than in the past. I will add a few more personal anecdotes here and there or sometimes just talk about something I'm really enjoying. But I want to have this blog and Newer Gods with a regular recurring number of posts, while The Wrestling Deep End will continue to show new posts two or three times a month.

While I'm also looking at a few long form non-fiction ideas, my focus outside of many, many blogs has been on the two projects I've been working on for several weeks now: the eighteenth chapter of the ongoing Lightweight saga and my new Atomic Werewolf tale. I'm nearing the wrap on this chapter of Lightweight which will continue to alternate with the local hero concept I'm currently developing the first years worth of stories on.

If I can continue at my increased pace, I hope to have both near completion by November. That will leave time in that month for my focus to be on NaNoWriMo and one of several new projects I'm developing. I still haven't decided which project I will focus on in November, but I've been doing research on all three, waiting to see how the muse strikes.

The new Atomic Werewolf tale is a jumble of ideas all flowing out right now. It started as a conglomeration of a couple ideas and I expect to weave in a half dozen more before the book ends. While I originally thought of this one as a novella, I have a sneaking suspicion it will be much larger than that when I finish.

Alright, enough blogging. I have more words to write and more wolves to were!

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