Monday, September 10, 2018

Pulpsploitation returns with The Gunmaster: Fear of the Reaper!

Over at Metahuman Press, I made the announcement a few days ago. But the good news is that October 26th will see the launch of the first new title I've published in a year. The Gunmaster: Fear of the Reaper by Teel James Glenn continues the Pulpsploitation series of books with an all new full length adventure of the Buddhist monk sent out to stop the misuse of guns by the world at large!

The tale takes the Gunmaster around the world as he seeks the mysterious Reaper, an enigmatic figure murdering his way through a loose conglomerate of arms manufacturers and dealers. The figure has evil intentions, but his desires go far past simple business! The new adventure brings Darian Poe to wonderful life, plus it introduces the character find of 2018, Majesty Blayde!

T.J. outdid himself with this one, but as a bonus to this and every upcoming Pulpsploitation solo novel, it will also come with a bonus short story. In this case, you will find in the back pages my very first story in The Second Life of DB Cooper, "Back in Business." For anyone that hasn't collected his appearances in the second and fourth The Good Fight collections from the Pen & Cape Society and in Legends of New Pulp Fiction, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor with the character. When I first set his earliest adventures in the dawn of the 80s, I always planned for Coop to have a relationship with the Pulpsploitation line. Now you can start to see the connections build after you've read the amazing new adventure of the Gunmaster.

The book launches October 26th, but head over to Amazon to pre-order your copy ASAP!

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