Thursday, May 11, 2017

WIP Update: early May 2017

Both my writing and editing time have been extremely limited in the last couples weeks. I've started another job outside writing which eats into the few hours I actually have every week. But I have made some progress on edits for the upcoming second book in the Pulpsloitation franchise, which Teel James Glenn looks to be making a rip-roaring yarn.

I have also started the first few hundred words on a novelette for an upcoming anthology being assembled by other editors for Metahuman Press. This will be the first book I won't have a heavy hand in editing for the line, but I am still contributing to the first of the two planned volumes. I've started coding my projects for the year, especially with several of them going unnamed at the current time, so right now this one will just be PROJECT DEMON. It's the most straight up superhero thing I've written so far this year, so I'm definitely excited to see how well it plays out over the writing process.

I have also started edits on the other Dino Force contributions than mine. I will most likely make some changes to the epilogue after I've done so in order to streamline the finish in a slightly stronger light. Of course, Dino Force is still funding on Kickstarter and awaiting your support. If you love superheroes, giant monsters or robot dinosaurs, this is the book for you!

Today's image is from the opening credits of the first show I ever saw with combining robots, The Mighty Orbots. It's an 80s classic that still holds up pretty well these days.

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