Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A few words on the origins of Dino Force

Dino Force started as a concept among dozens of others I came up with as a teenager. I can trace that earliest incarnations' origins to my frustration with the kind of kids shows currently running on television right around my fifteenth birthday. I looked at shows like Power Rangers and Captain Planet, or even older fare at that time like Voltron and the Mighty Orbots with frustration. Here were great concepts at their heart that were filtered by awful children's television standards into claptrap that at best was mindless and at worst talked to its young viewers like morons. It always annoyed me as a child and it annoyed me even more as a teen. So I created a team of five young heroes with the idea they would fill the holes I saw in all those concepts.

I created a reason for their powers, a brief back history and even the saurid threat the initial team would face. But I never set out to really plot their adventures.

Fast forward twenty years. While going through old files and putting together some of the background material for Quadrant, I stumbled upon the old micro-plots I made for the "issues" of Dino Force I wanted to create. I dusted them off, and thought back to all the Godzilla, Ultraman and Super Sentai stuff I'd seen since, even later Power Rangers shows I enjoyed like Dino Thunder and In Space. I realized in those plot points, I had something that might be interesting to develop as a shared world anthology.

Super Kaiju Battle Squadron Dino Force was born. I recruited five other writers to help bring the concept of an international contingent of young heroes coming together to save the world. Two later dropped away from the project and I moved my prologues and epilogues into forming the tale of the team's leader rather than a sixth member. I then took up Dino Green's story in Brazil as well, setting up a full contingent of warriors by the book's end. Along with T. Mike McCurley, Don Gates and Travis Hiltz, we created a novel length anthology introducing our characters to the world.

That anthology is now funding on Kickstarter.

This is one of those weird ideas that came from a place of love and I hope you'll join me in helping making it a reality.

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