Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday: End of March 2017

Things continue abreast from earlier this month, even as I start to move more irons into the fire as I get back into a more regimented writing and editing schedule. I'm still far from at the production level I would like to be for my work, but I do at least have a regular rhythm in place both for my writing and my blog posting.

I am nearing completion on my Dino Force story I mentioned last update. From there, I will start edits on the book in May, followed by a short epilogue story meant to tie the other stories in the book together in preparation for the two proposed sequel volumes that will continue the tale.

My current plan is to launch a Kickstarter for the final book in mid-April, which I will write about more in the next few weeks. I've already lined up an artist for the cover with the plans to give the final book a July or August release schedule.

This Diana Nock image remains my ideal view of Jenny
(and graces both ebook covers of my stories.)
Speaking of August, I am also prepping for this year's Jenny Everywhere Day on August 13th. I've released two previous shorts over the years featuring the character. This time around, I'll tell a bit more detailed arc, outside the 3000 or 2000 word briefs I wrote for that day in 2012 and 2014. This will continue the same narrative however, although I am making an effort to allow anyone to jump right in with the new story. My eventual plan is to craft an entire full length book for the character, but I suspect that is still a few years down the road.

If you're interested in reading either of my previous Jenny stories, "Past Prologue" and "Troll Hunted" are both available for whatever you want to pay (including nothing) on Smashwords.

I've started edits on the next book in the Pulpsploitation series as well, but more on Teel James Glenn's Gunmaster novel should come up in the May update as progress goes into full swing on that one.

Oh, and as for April, that involves a new project that in turn will be part of a much larger ongoing project debuting next year, but more on the story in the next update and the larger project in the coming months....

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