Monday, February 6, 2017

Kickstart the Week 49: Team Synergy

The gang at HB Comics are some of the coolest cats in graphic fiction. Their book Lazerman remains a favorite of mine and their recent graphic novel Vindication is right near the top of my reading list.

Their new book Team Synergy focuses on a group of teenage girls that all have super-powers. All cousins, their grandmother trained them to use their powers and the book covers their first days as superheroes in the wider HB Universe.

What I love about the Hebert Brothers and company is they have a genuine interest in making fun comics for the masses. Lazerman was a fine example of this, but Team Synergy looks to expand their focus by making a strong female-centric title aimed at young girls.

If you like fun books with great characters and unique backgrounds, this is a book for you. Give it a look on Kickstarter.

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