Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Great Art: Valkyrie by Bruce Timm

I have to be honest. I've written a lot of public domain characters I want to work on. Whether it be Living Legends, the Pulp Obscura series from Pro Se Press or random short stories like "The Rise of Rulah". I have even started my own take on Hillman Comics' Air Fighters with my Airboy short story in Pulpsploitation.

But I still haven't got to Valkyrie yet. She's near the top of the list of characters I have plans for in the extended Quadrant Universe, but you probably won't see any sign of her until at least late 2017. But for now enjoy this great picture of her battling Misery (a character that does makes a brief appearance in the aforementioned story) by the always amazing Bruce Timm, of DC Animated Universe fame.

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