Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Number 300

Neither the comic nor film have anything to do with
this post, but what picture goes better with that title?
Once upon a time, comics had high numbers. I remember distinctly seeing several titles hit the three hundred mark as a kid: books like Daredevil and Uncanny X-Men and Avengers.

And while Marvel and DC stopped caring about high numbers (outside Action Comics and Detective Comics 900+ issue recent renumbering), I still love to see anniversaries of high numbers. While Lightweight is presented in three books, for me its fifteen chapters in with five more planned for next spring. If I ever produce an omnibus of Lightweight volumes, I plan to include the classic numbering throughout.

This is a long way of announcing this is the 300th post on this version of Super Powered Fiction. To celebrate, I'm going to look back at some of my personal favorite posts as well as posts that drew you, the fans, in.

  • Designing a Hero 1: Lightweight: My look at the work I went through with the ever-talented Brent Sprecher on designing the trademark look of Lightweight. Nothing quite lives up to the experience of seeing a character brought to life. Brent made the alter ego of Kevin Mathis look even better than I could imagine.
  • Great Art: Big Jim's P.A.C.K. vs. Hydra: MC Wyman drew an amazing piece for me, featuring Lightweight, which I somehow still haven't shared here. (Sounds like a future post.) But check out this amazing piece featuring a 70s Kirby-designed military unit against Marvel's evilest organization.
  • Best Character Ever: The Straight Edge Society: I don't pretend to not be a wrestling fan as readers of The Wrestling Weekday can attest, but I also have a fascination with cult mentality. The Straight Edge Society may be the most unique cult ever presented in fiction, right down to leader CM Punk's declaration he was trying to be Satan in his role. I look at the greatness of the faction, even as I ready a massive cult that will change the shape of the Quadrant Universe over the years ahead. (How's that for a tease?)
  • I Watch Almighty Thor so you don't have to!: As Sinister Squad hits DVD, it seems best to share one of my favorite Asylum mockbusters: Almighty Thor. In a film no one will ever confuse with Chris Hemsworth's take on the character, the filmmakers certainly took some interesting "creative" choices. Learn about them and be amused. 

Those are far from the only posts on the site, as I talk about my characters, my storytelling and my own favorites on the regular. But Those four posts are a great place to start seeing the awesome of Super Powered Fiction.

And those same kind of awesome posts, continue tomorrow!

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