Monday, August 8, 2016

Introducing Super Powered: the newsletter

The one thing I've been missing out with for a very long time is an email newsletter. I wanted an easy way to send curated content to my followers on a monthly(-ish) basis. More importantly I wanted to give my readers a quick and easy way to learn about new work both by me and other great super powered fiction authors.

So I am proud to introduce Super Powered, now available for easy signup through Tiny Letter.

The plan is to provide updates on works in progress and upcoming releases. But I also plan to run a short interview in each newsletter. I'll also give a few thoughts on great books I've read of late, or comics, or movies, or shows, or whatever. Finally, it will also have an open email address that serves as another forum for fans to discuss each newsletter, some of which will be reprinted and responded to in future newsletters.

The backers of the Kickstarter projects I ran in the past three years are already signed up (if they expressed the desire to be). But anyone can sign up, simply by heading over to the newsletter landing page and entering your email address. Or you can just look below and enter your email address into that handy little box below. How convenient is that?

Jump on board today. The first newsletter will launch late this week.

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