Thursday, August 4, 2016

An overview of the Quadrant releases so far

Quadrant has been a regularly series of connected short stories for two years now. The final two releases are planned for later this year, but I wanted to make sure I pointed out the amazing four stories in the series so far.

"Attack of the Demon" introduces the four metahuman brothers at the core of the book—Jigsaw, Cinder, Engima and Kodiak—as well as their father and their fully human ally Emma Briscoe, They battle a group of enhanced ninjas known as the Hidden Demon, but only begin to open the mystery of their creation.

"Life in the Big City" focuses on Cinder, the flame powered brother and leader of the team, as he heads to New York to track down a lead on the brothers' origins. He ends up embroiled in a super powered murder mystery and meets the carrier of a legendary weapon from the past.

"The Creeping Horror from South of the Border" gives Kodiak a chance to shine on his own. The fun-loving brother learns personal secrets about his past as he teams with the famed hero Jaguar Maximo and his luchador squad of investigators to uncover an infestation of seas monsters in the Rio Grande.

"The Future Shock" I have written about when it released last year. Enigma takes the lead in the new story as the brother addled by his omniscience finds himself suddenly cut off from time and his mind empty. He also meets the only love interest a character as confused as he is could ever have. This tale also introduces Tempus Dux, a major future threat to the team and the entire Quadrant Universe.

The next chapter of the story is entitled "The Fight to Survive." Scheduled for publication in September, it will turn the focus to the final brother Jigsaw as many of the plot threads running through the series finally start to come together. Stay tuned for more details on that story very soon.

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