Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The heroes of Quadrant

Quadrant is the story of four distinctly different adopted brothers. Raised by an alien inside a spaceship buried beneath the Mississippi River, they are acclimated to society only by their love of television and video games. But they were trained to do what was right even as they are forced out of hiding once and for all. This column gives a brief overview of each of these great heroes ready for your reading pleasure!

Cinder is the leader of the team. Prometheus Morgan is the most serious member of the team, calm and collected compared to his brothers. He can cause all or parts of his body to burst into flame, literally burning his own skin and flesh away when doing so. It heals back as the flame fades, but while active the fire only leaves his skeleton visible beneath the burning. He wears skull face paint into combat.

Jigsaw is a hothead, quick to anger but also quick to care. Damocles Morgan has the heart of the artist, but it is hidden behind his scarred flesh. African American by birth, he would prefer to create but his powers are designed only for battle. He can summon spikes and blades of pure bone from his flesh, far sharper than anything natural. While he can pull aways his organic weaponry, the scars of their appearance never quite heal, leaving him criss-crossed with marks. In battle, he wears black and white face paint that connect like a puzzle piece down the bridge of his nose.

Enigma doesn’t talk much and when he does it doesn’t always make sense. A natural omnipath, Horus Morgan is never free of the voices all around him. He can detect all thought within a mile of him, but it sometimes takes time to sift through it to find his intended target. He sleeps little and keeps to himself, unwilling to share his burden often. He is also a gifted telekine and often serves as transportation for his brothers and their allies. In his rare combat appearances, his face is covered with a large question mark.

Kodiak is literally a bear. Standing about eight feet tall, Samson Morgan is for all intensive purposes a mid-sized version of his namesake outside of hands that take almost perfect human shape. He wears a special rebreather most of the time as his lungs are poor at filtering oxygen from the air, though he possesses gills for sustainable travel underwater. He is stronger than the average bear, able to heft at least three tons of weight. He is the least serious of the team, preferring to spend his time playing games or watching television than training or fighting evil. He is the only member of the team not to wear face paint due to his obviously distinctive appearance.

You can check out all of Quadrant’s adventures in the first three books in their ongoing series. Quadrant 1 introduces the team as a whole. Quadrant 2 revolves around Cinder while Quadrant 3 focuses on a solo adventure of Kodiak. Subsequent chapters will bring the focus to Enigma and Jigsaw before the first volume of the series comes to an end with a group adventure.

Head out and pick up all three current volumes before the next book launches in just a few short days!

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