Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Walking Shadows and Super Powered Fiction - now on Patreon!

Walking Shadows is a passion project of mine. The six young heroes I've created in the series have tons of importance to me and I still have a lot of story to tell about them. But unfortunately, I only have so much time and because of that I need to ask fans to show their support for the site.

It doesn't take much to keep the site alive in its current form, but it is still not free. Because of that, Patreon is the sensible solution to allow fans to directly support Walking Shadows. Every supporter gets bonus content through the Patreon every month. Higher levels unlock digital copies of Lightweight, access to the entire Metahuman Press digital library and even print editions of Metahuman Press titles. Patreon is the go-to source to get every ounce of new Quadrant Universe and Metahuman Press content.

The cool thing about Patreon is that the more backing I get, the more access I have to adding cool features to the site, from a dedicated domain name to new serials to even the return of the SuperPowerCast podcast.

The full details on backing levels and unlockable goals can be found on the Patreon page.

To be clear, Walking Shadows will continue for free for months to come, available from the beginning for anyone and everyone to read online. But fans of the serial and of Super Powered Fiction can now directly support what this site is all about: great super powered fiction.

Thanks in advance to everyone that takes the plunge.

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