Monday, November 2, 2015

Kickstart the Week 34: Curveball

I decided to devote the month of November to focus on crowd-funded projects not at the big boy, so this month you will find some Patreon and IndieGoGo projects I think look great.

And the easiest place to start with all of that is a Patreon I already back. C.B. Wright has been producing Curveball for quite some time now. Now twenty-five approximately monthly chapters in, he has created over 200,000 words based around one character and the universe around him.

Did I mention he gives it all away free online?

Much like my own Walking Shadows, C.B. Wright produces Curveball as a web serial with collected editions available, including monthly omnibuses through the Patreon. It's dang good too, although I will let you decide if you want to pit both our works against one another.

While C.B. continues to look for regular work by day, Curveball is in danger of slowing down. More support on Patreon would surely help him keep the project going for weeks and months to come. Check out the work and see if you agree that Curveball is worth your support.

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