Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cool Stuff: The New Brooklyn Universe

I'm a big fan of Dean Haspiel's Red Hook and though I'm not sure if the original story remains available online (I certainly couldn't find it anywhere), I'm incredibly excited that the character will make his return as a new web comic thanks to the LINE Web Toon site.

I'm equally excited that it makes its return as part of a new superhero universe centered around Dean Haspiel's home of Brooklyn. Simply titled New Brooklyn it surmises a world where Brooklyn becomes sentient and gets its heart broken, only to pull itself away from the rest of New York City and form its own country.

Haspiel's Red Hook is the driving force behind the new line. While the character has some similarities to Haspiel's work on The Fox, he is far more rogueish than the Freak Magnet, even as he is forced into nobility by the gift of a dying hero's powers.

But a comic universe isn't a full universe without other characters. Vito Delsante and Ricardo Venancio create The Purple Heart, a tale of a returning war veteran chosen by the city itself to be the cosmic guardian of the new nation.

Seth Kushner and Shamus Beyale complete the triumvirate of superhero tales with The Brooklynite, a Spider-Man-esque young hero with Superman-like powers.

Overall, I suspect Web Toon and Hang Dai have a winning format with this new universe.

The new line doesn't debut until next March but in the mean time, check out the Web Toon site for a pretty amazing new Star Wars manhwa.

The best part is the site is free and ad supported, so everyone will be able to enjoy the new universe for free.

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