Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Walking Shadows has a new home!

The sub-site I originally set up on Metahuman Press to run Walking Shadows on has given me more problems than any one page has any right to give. I have overhauled it twice in just a few weeks and the most recent wordpress updates have caused it to improperly load previous pages as the main Metahuman Press page for the umpteenth time. I could keep fixing it with every update, or I could just take the easier solution and set it up with its own blog.

You can now read Walking Shadows at blogspot.

I have reduced the size of previous chapters of Books One and Two down to just one file, which allows easier reading before things pick up with Book Three. Book Three continues in the 400-500 word installments that has been the hallmark of Walking Shadows.

The new home will continue to be updated regularly, but because of the format change will shift to a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday format with bonus material inserted between each chapter whenever it ends. This will mean faster releases most of the time, so go ahead and get excited for more great super powered fiction in the weeks ahead!

I have also went back and updated previous links through out Super Powered Fiction in order to make sure every link connects to the new site as opposed to the old, so fans will have no worries getting to new fiction from yours truly!

And if you haven't read Walking Shadows yet, remember you can start from Book One Chapter One at any time!

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