Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gallur Gallery Challenge 1: The Son of the Saint

I am a big fan of the art of Rafael Gallur, a Mexican artist famous for painted covers in the tradition of Frank Frazetta or Earl Norem. He creates some amazing pieces, many of them for a local lucha libre fiction magazine. Stunning art based on stories of luchador's adventures means I am in.

But like so many amazing covers I often like to come up with stories revolving around great art I know nothing about otherwise. So that is where the Gallur Gallery Challenge begins. I am going to take an image from the amazing Gallur Deviant Art Gallery, post it here and ask anyone interested to write a one paragraph synopsis of what they think is happening. While I will give the luchador or star's name if I know it, I want to challenge folks to not do any research on that figure, instead letting just the picture do the talking. In a week, I'll post my own synopsis before setting up another Gallur Gallery Challenge the next week.

Alright, here is our first image featuring the familiar mask of El Hijo Del Santo, the Son of the Saint. What's happening here? You tell me!

Image copyright Rafael Gallur.

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  1. The Son of the Saint, using his God-given ability to sense evil, arrives just in time to prevent the vampire lord Nocturno from killing a trespasser, the beautiful and buxom Misty Callahan, an amateur spelunker from north of the border who stumbled upon the sinister being’s lair while in search of a good cave.