Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kickstart Lightweight 5: more news from around the web!

Over the past few days, Lightweight has made more appearances on three great sites. Over at the comic site Bleeding Cool I wrote a piece about super powered fiction and the Kickstarter. For the great super-fiction group, the Pen & Cape Society I wrote a piece called Lightweight, Kickstarter and series fiction. Finally, the fine folks at the Free Choice E-Zine were nice enough to interview me about Lightweight. All were great pieces and I'm extreme grateful for all the sites to let me have some time.

As I write this, we just went under the 5 day mark on the Kickstarter and we have $218 left until our funding goal. It is quite possible to make up that amount, but I will need all of your help to continue to spread the word about Lightweight. Point people to the free first chapter, let them give it a read and then encourage them to stop by here and help out. With all three books digitally for $10 and in print for $25, it's incredibly easy to get in on the project at the ground floor for anyone.

With only about 72 hours left, now is the time to get in on keeping the adventures of the greatest new hero in super powered prose alive!

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