Monday, August 31, 2015

Kickstart the Week 27: Comare

Kickstarter certainly has opened the world to the return of older, less used genres to comics. One such genre that seemed dead up until the last year or two were romance comics, but Kickstarter has already given rise to Fresh Romance. Now a new project looks to follow in that footsteps, complete with a healthy noir vibe.

Comare: The Other Woman is a tale about a woman trying to end her affair after her boyfriend returns home from the Korean War. Set in Los Angeles in 1953, it looks to play up the infamous criminal ties of that era as our lead Amelia seeks to end her affair with Buster, even as Buster’s wife seeks revenge.

It looks like a crazy ride, one that will only be a sixth of the way done if it funds on Kickstarter. But the preview pages from writer Mario Candelaria and artist Ashley St. Lawrence are incredibly promising.

With just five days left it still isn't fully funded, so give it a look at Kickstarter and help make a successful romance comic for the 21st century!

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