Monday, August 24, 2015

Kickstart the Week 26: Wild West Horse Opera RPG

Scaldcrow Games has produced some great work already with their Worlds of Pulp line, but their moving it into an exciting new direction with Wild West Horse Opera. The new game will bring traditional westerns to vivid life with the simple, effective stats system Scaldcrow makes work so well.

The initial set actually comes with three books: the game itself, an adventure and Six Gun Red, a novella by T. Glenn Bane. The novella also contains a short story by Ron Fortier and if both Wild West Horse Opera and Lightweight: Beyond prove successful I will also provide an original story to the book as well!

While Wild West Horse Opera has met its funding goal, it has tons of stretch goals to still be unlocked, so give it a look and help support the rebirth of the western!

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