Monday, August 24, 2015

Kickstart Lightweight 4: More from around the web!

I have already talked about the Wild West Horse Opera crossover promotion, but that isn’t the only place online where I have talked Lightweight in the last few days!

Nancy A. Hansen was kind enough to interview me for her great Writing From Home blog. We talked the trials and tribulations of being a working writer, the importance of passion and how important Lightweight is to yours truly!

I also stopped by Thomas Deja’s Nocturne Travel Agency and shared a few thoughts about the current project in an article called “Being Lightweight”. It covers the importance for any writer of finding their passion project among the dozens of ideas that will never see completion.

Of course, Lightweight still continues to trot along on Kickstarter. The project is nearing its end and without more support, the days of Lightweight might be numbered. But if the fans of previous books and folks that just love super powered fiction in general can rally, we can make the book happen. Make sure to get in your support before it is too late.

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