Thursday, June 11, 2015

Announcing Lightweight: Black Death

I have talked about it coming in the near future and I am proud to say that Lightweight: Black Death has been finalized for print publication. This book collects the stories originally available in chapters six through ten of the original serialized Lightweight tales, re-edited into a beautiful collection that will be available both in print and digital editions.

The new collection features gorgeous cover work by Brent Sprecher, a great logo by Cynthia Celeste Miller and the editorial talents of Lisa M. Collins. And of course, it features five chapters of super powered action by yours truly, Nicholas Ahlhelm.

The new story picks up where Lightweight: Senior Year closed. Kevin Mathis now knows he is stuck in the middle of a war between the Eloi and the Morlocks, and must face those two factions while also at odds with a corrupt CEO and a conspiracy to ruin his personal life. Millie’s life changes with new love, while the secrets of Howl and the Gray Man are at last revealed!

All this and much more come your way in Lightweight: Black Death! Stay tuned tomorrow for a contest giving away free digital copies before you can buy them!

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