Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Writer's Update for February 17, 2015

Work continues apace on Lightweight chapter 11. The new format of the series will feature three chapters per book on a quarterly pace, so it will be awhile for the next book to be ready. Plans are still in place to fund this year’s worth of books on Kickstarter starting around April. But first I plan to finish chapter 11 and at least a major part of chapter 12 before that happens.

Much of the rest of my time has been spent setting up Pulpsploitation.com and readying that book for publication. I will have more Pulpsploitation in the works as well, but I have a few stories I owe Airship 27 to finish up before I start on those.

Plans for this week are to put more work into Lightweight followed by my long in gestation wrestling story for Airship 27. Once those wrap, I will probably head into a couple other short stories, but more on those later.

Beyond that, I have a Quadrant chapter on the edit table. It will head out in just a few weeks.

Today’s image is 1930s era wrestler Charley Fox, Cleveland’s wrestling cop, grappling an unnamed opponent. Sadly, I don’t go far enough afield in my upcoming tale to include him.

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