Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Praise for my Armless O'Neil tale!

My tale for the Armless O’Neil anthology Blood-Price of the Missionary's Gold was one of my favorites of the Pulp Obscura line. O’Neil is just such an odd character, he almost breeds fascinating stories. I put him through the paces in “The Palladium” in a story that features a whole bunch of trouble for the one-handed adventurer.

The always awesome reviewer Raven gave some glowing praise for my tale (as well as several others in the anthology) saying, “Ahlhelm does a wonderful job of keeping the action fast paced, the mystery subtle, and the solution to it all a fitting wrap-up. I give him five out of five stars for his originality!”. That is generous praise indeed! Thank you, sir.

Of course, my tale isn’t alone. The anthology is filled with some great pulp tales of a truly unique character well worth checking out. The book is now available from Amazon or through special order at many other retailers.

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