Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Writing local (WIP Wednesday)

This will be a quick one. I finished about two thousand more words on Atomic Werewolf and the first section of Project SUPERNATURAL.

SUPERNATURAL gets put away for a bit as I work on the third chapter of Shockwave. If you remember from last week, that's the name of the upcoming third series I have planned. I referred to it as the local hero project, because a key component of the series is my own city, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My goal is to give an honest representation of a small city in modern America, even as I unravel the tale of Shockwave and his supporting cast.

Finding this picture of Cedar Rapids, I realized we really need more post-08 flood pictures.
(Photo by Colleen Hepner, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 license.)
Of course, the book will have cosmic ramifications for the Quadrant Universe, so don't expect it to spend all its time just in Cedar Rapids. I am not going to detail a lot of those ramifications until after the book starts running on the Patreon, but I will say that I started reading the comics that lead to Newer Gods because of this project.

Dino Force edits are also underway and I just submitted the final manuscript for Teel James Glenn's Gunmaster novella, which launches in just a few more days!

That's all this week, but stay tuned for a focus on some of the horrific heroes I created as we continue our Halloween theme for the month.

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