Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Flying fists of gravity manipulation! (WIP Wednesday)

More inspiration courtesy the
amazing Rafael Gallur.
Work continues apace.

When I first built Lightweight, it was meant to be a serialized story. I would deliver a chapter every month to six weeks and then collect them into book form as I worked my way through a story arc. I produced ten stories this way which became the books Lightweight: Senior Year and Lightweight: Black Death. Each of those volumes collected five stories and together they formed the first year of Lightweight's career.

The third book Lightweight: Beyond followed the same five inter-linked story structure, but it never took on serialized form. This caused a few changes in the storytelling, but I felt it lacked the flow of the first two books. Some of that might have been the vast change in setting, but I think some of that was the loss of the serial flow.

I am currently looking at new ways to serialize Lightweight for audiences. The sixteenth chapter is now finished and picks back up with Kevin and will set the Lightweight saga off in a new direction. The seventeenth chapter is already mostly written during a tough Nanowrimo run in 2016 that saw me abandon that project for another. This left a version of chapter sixteen that will never see print as I realized I needed to take a fresh approach to the book going in.

My plan at the moment is for the new collected volume to be at least six chapters long, but I often let Lightweight flow at its own pace. Whatever the case, the collected edition likely won't see the light of day until sometime early in 2019. Don't worry though. Once I've determined a strong way (or ways) to serialize it, I will start advertising several months in advance of that launch. That being said, I want to make sure to have at least close to the entirety of this volume done before I consider moving on.

My urban fantasy project has slowed a bit as I try to work out a snag in the plot made by character development changes. This one has absolutely no set timetable, so I will continue to work on it slowly as it turns to a backup project against the primary one.

With each chapter of Lightweight working as a standalone or a part of a whole, my plan is to stagger my work on it with work on other projects. One is the planned continuance (and eventual collection) of Quadrant.

The other I showed a piece of inspiration for a few weeks back. It is a new series of old school pulp tales featuring a solo hero and his merry band of misfit sidekicks. While that sounds a bit like Doc Savage, Shadow or The Avenger, I promise this masked men will be entirely different. For now, I will only give a name.

Rey Diablo.

More in the near future, but for now, happy reading and happy writing!

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