Friday, December 29, 2017

Check out the great showmen of Big Top Tales!

One of the most offbeat projects I ever worked on was Big Top Tales. Focused on six different talents from a shared circus as it makes its way across the country, the book featured some truly fascinating stories on the edge of the supernatural. I wrote the story of Lulabelle Rose Jensen, the acrobatic aerialist.

I quickly threw her into a dangerous fight for life as a crazed murderer sets her in his sights. It's a fast paced adventure tale and one of my personal favorite works.

I did a ton of research on acrobats and aerialists before I started work on the tale. Real life acrobat Lillian Leitzel played a major role in my development work. I quickly realized I couldn't write a tale about just a normal girl from the 30s. Rose would have to be a unique figure in the era which is why from the start of the tale I made it clear she was anything but a typical 30s pulp girl. She's got agency and she's not afraid to break societal norms to get what she wants.

As The Greatest Showman works its way through theaters, I encourage everyone to take a different look at the historical circus by picking up a copy of Big Top Tales. It was a fun ride and right deserves more readers.

Go give it a look on Amazon. If you like it, please give it a review as well to help others find it!

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