Monday, August 21, 2017

Where I've been, or when life comes with no lemonade

This blog has sat fallow for way too long now. After finally getting things up to a regular schedule, life decided to get in the way of everything. Here's a quick rundown of everything that's went down.
  • Left one house. Stuck in a no-tell hotel for a little over a month until the next was ready. 
  • Picked up a second part time job, pushing my work week to nearly 60 hours.
  • Started having seriously bowel pain and bleeding.
  • Went through one colonoscopy, bled even more and went through a second emergency colonoscopy the next day. Spent twenty-four hours in the ICU and another five days waiting to learn I was (thankfully) cancer free.
  • Found out on the same day I learned I was cancer free that my father-in-law had terminal cancer and attended his funeral two weeks later. 
All in all, it's pretty much been the most disastrous summer I've experienced. And I've had some damn rough summers as of late.

Right now, we're about half moved into a new house with the majority of our stuff still stuck in storage. Coupled with the long work weeks and the storm of awfulness, anxiety and depression, it's been challenging to accomplish anything.

But I am hoping to change that in August. I've got two editorial projects in the works now (Pulpsploitation: The Gunmaster and Dino Force.) They will bring an end to my Metahuman Press label, at least as a full-fledged micro-press. At the current time, I do not have it in me to continue publishing and writing. With that in mind, it seemed clear the editing would have to give.

I'm far from done creating nor will I completey give up on new projects with other writers. But I will be looking into a publishing partner for future projects in the near future.

In the mean time, I will continue to blog here and there, update this with things I like and things I think you should like.

Just keep living life. We've only got a finite time and I for one plan on living mine to the fullest.

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