Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Please feed your independent author

The struggle of being any kind of small press writer, publisher or businessman is always the fight to get more eyes on the work. I have been publishing my own work for years now, but growing the audience has always been my greatest challenge.

First, thank you for following me or reading this blog. But if you enjoy my work, the biggest request I can make to you as a fan is to please head to Amazon and leave a review of my work. Every review helps bring more eyes to the work and every new eye helps makes it easier for me to sell books.

Don't get me wrong, selling books isn't the be all and end all of why I write. I can't imagine not sharing my creations with the world. But the more profitable my writing becomes, the more likely I can focus more of each day on the act of creation.

So please head over to my Amazon Author page, find my books you've read and give them a review.

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