Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Monster motorcyclists and the women that love them (WIP Wednesday)

Chris Hebert's cover for Dino Force.
Since Jim Beard has already hinted at his next project to be published by Metahuman Press, I can reveal that my current PROJECT DEMON is actually a short story called Moon Chopper. The new book is something of a sequel to the Super Swingin 1968 Special. This time the heroes are coming out of the 1970s however and get to play with two of the eras' major tropes: bikers and the supernatural.

Obviously, one such character stands out as a prime example of those combined genres, but I hope I'm making Moon Chopper unique enough that he doesn't just seem a clone of any other ghostly riders.

My new tale will introduce the world to Gordon Bridges, a simple man on the road with a dark secret. After nearly dying, he was given the powers of the Moon Chopper. Now he can transform into a beast of the night, but one with a purpose. His quest to defend the open road often brings him up against dark threats. His only ally is his girl, Friday, an intrepid reporter with a knack for trouble.

While working on that, I'm also giving a second pass to my Dino Force offering. Paolo may be the most unique character on the book, and perhaps the one with the strongest redemption story. I'm hoping it can do justice to the great work T. Mike McCurley, Don Gates and Travis Hiltz are also bringing to the book.

With those two short works filling my time, I am also in the development stage of my next long work. I haven't finalized which book will be my next, but I hope to get to all three works over the rest of 2017. Right now, I don't want to go into any more details on any of them, outside of their codenames: EARTH. FAITH. GRAFT. One of these works will be a sequel to a previous release, but the other two will be all new novels. Of the two others, I expect one might be the first novel I release under a pseudonym. The genre moves outside my usual undertakings and I suspect starting the new series with a new name might be the best way to help get it off the ground.

But that's of course a long way out. For now, I've got some short stories to work on. Wish me luck.

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