Monday, April 17, 2017

Kickstart the Week 54: The Adventures of Auroraman

A.P. Fuchs is one of those guys that has been toiling in the super powered fiction field for quite some time with both novels and comics revolving around his character Axiom-Man. Now he's teaming up with fellow Canadian Jeff Burton to help bring the heroic Auroraman to life. Auroraman is the first Canadian hero aimed at the midlands of the country, hailing from Saskatchewan. With a magic staff, he becomes the Super Power of the Prairies. He makes his debut in a new comic through Kickstarter, but his adventures also continue in a prose novel crossover with Axiom-Man. It's a truly inventive way to bring this new character to life.

Check out more about Auroraman on Kickstarter and help make it come to life with your donation!

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