Wednesday, December 28, 2016

On Carrie

This week has been very much about introspection for me. I have put a lot of time thinking about where I wanted to go in my writing. I have grand plans still, but I am rethinking where I want my energies to go in the next couple years.

But so much of that was derailed with the news of Carrie Fisher's death.

I am sure I am far from the only person that first had that twinge of how a boy feels about a girl when I watched her in the classic Star Wars trilogy.

Of course, she was so much more than just a princess in a compelling series of movies that in many ways shaped my young childhood. She was a writer, an essayist, a script doctor and a woman unafraid to show the warts of her life. She faced demons and almost certainly those demons in many ways took her away from the world far too young.

But she will always be the world's most famous princess to me. She proved it could be a word that still brought agency with it, She showed a princess could be every bit a fighter as a scoundrel or a heroic space wizard.

Godspeed, princess. I only pray you have finally found a galaxy of peace.

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