Monday, December 5, 2016

Kickstart the Week 47: The Box City Wallops

Even as I seem to give up on more comics than I start these days, I still have a few creators whose work I can never seem to quite get enough of. One of those folks got his start in the halcyon halls of Mirage Studios, working on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics just as the series became an epic international phenomenon. Outside Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, no one was more responsible for the greatness of the original incarnation of the Turtles than Jim Lawson.

Lawson's career almost certainly hit a bump when Peter Laird sold the characters to Nickelodeon, effectively ending the Mirage run with the characters. (Laird and Lawson actually finished a few more issues of TMNT after the sale, but the book has been done for years despite Laird retaining rights to continue it if he so chose.)

Since then, Lawson has done a lot of commissions and has tried his hand at Kickstarter success. Though a series drawn by him and written by Secret of the Ooze star Eddie Reyes Jr. sadly never got off the ground, he funded two great books in Dragonfly and A Walk Through Dinosaur Land. Now he's back with his return to weird superheroes however, perhaps his biggest new title since his Turtle days.

The Box City Wallops aren't traditional superheroes, but the alien family certainly have strange powers. It also certainly has some of the weird design work that exemplifies Lawson's always weird worlds.

Unlike his previous projects, this will be a regular comic series instead of a graphic novel. The Kickstarter funds the first two issues with the hope of more possible in the future. And while the Kickstarter has already met its funding goal, it is also the kind of weird book that will need all the financial support it can get. So if you're interested in superheroes, strange comics or just good fun, go give The Box City Wallops your support before the Kickstarter expires on Wednesday morning.

Image credit: Jim Lawson via Kickstarter.

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