Monday, October 3, 2016

Kickstart the Week 45: Eagle Force Returns!

I make no secret that I am a bit of a toy collector. I am not nearly as bad as some folks, but I do spend a few bucks every month on weird and wonderful toys I come across. Most of my collection these days are six inch figures, but when I grew up it was all about a certain team of 3.75 inch military men. Sadly those men barely get any action figure releases these days, but several independent lines have popped up to fill the void.

And now the other 80s line of military men have made their return, at the same size as the 80s era G.I. Joe.

I never collected the Eagle Force line. I only have the barest memory of them in fact. Produced by Mego Toys, they were much like every other line Mego produced in its dying days: a clear answer to what was popular made in a bit cheaper format. Smaller than G.I. Joe figures but with more metal parts, the line was famous for featuring a ton of gold paint.

Now revived by the teams at Fresh Monkey Fiction and Remco Toys (a.k.a. Zica Toys), Eagle Force Returns looks like it has everything in place to be a great new line of military action figures. While not as customizable as the similar Marauder Gun Runners line, these figures come with far more personality. With over a dozen characters in place already for the first line, stretch goals could bring the entire line into the twenties. The team clearly knows what they're doing in designing a great line and also re-using parts and designs.

The entry point for figures is pretty decent as well for an independent toy manufacturer. Give them a look and if you want to see some great military figures back in action, give them your support.

Oh, and what did I buy? I'm in for a Gold Captain Eagle. Who else?

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