Saturday, October 29, 2016

Horror Heroes 2 on sale!

One of my favorite short works of the last couple years appeared in the second volume of the anthology series Horror Heroes. "The Beach House" played with menacing monster from the deep concept, as I introduced a strange genetic hybrid between man and Gillman.

But I am not one to take normal paths to stories, because if "The Beach House" is anything, it is a story of young love. The tale is narrated by a young woman just out of school, looking to live life for the very first time. She gets far more than she ever expected when she moves into a beach-front property with other young up-and-comers looking for one last summer of freedom.

With touches of 80s teen movies, horror movie tropes and Vanessa Carlton songs, I was super-proud to publish it just before last Halloween.

But this year, the book is on sale for Kindle readers! Anyone can now pick up a copy on discount for just 99 measly cents. They get not only my tale, but also new fiction from Travis Hiltz and Darrin Albert, featuring their own re-imagined horror icons!

Buy your copy of Horror Heroes 2 before the sale ends on November 1st!

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