Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Top 10 action figures overseeing my writing

I have an incredibly tiny desk space in the corner of the bedroom where about 90% of my writing gets done. It isn't the ideal writing spot, but it is an effective area to work. But sometimes I need inspiration or just a bit of a distraction from the regular grind of trying to figure out the next plot point of my current story. And that's where the handy shelf of action figures behind my desk comes in handy.

As part of this week's Pop Culture League, I'm going to take a look at my ten favorite toys on those shelves. And since my current at home camera sucks, I'll use handy stock or review photos for my convenience!

Honorable Mention: WWE Figures

I don't buy many wrestling toys, but a few have a treasured place on my shelves. My currently unopened Samoa Joe will certainly join these four shortly. (Images all from Ringside Collectibles if you didn't figure that out.)

10. Otho

I've seen a lot more love for the Four Horsemen's Mythic Legions line than I've actually felt for the figures. They are pretty solid overall, but I can't help but feel the line is overly expansive without enough variety. Still, I see a few gems in the line and Otho here is one of them.

Image credit: Four Horsemen.

9. Snowman

I love grabbing random weird 90s figures now and then, but none are better than Matt Martin's crazy character Snowman. He definitely looks sweet on the shelf, even if his articulation is ridiculously limited.

Image credit: splittyhead
8. Skullsmasher

I don't dig too deep into each new year's worth of Transformers or my shelves would quickly be buried by them. But my favorite Headmaster (when he was Skullcruncher) got a revival as part of the new Titan Masters line and I couldn't pass up the serious upgrade for my favorite robotic crocodile.

Image credit: TFWiki.
7. Battle Tribes Savage Adventurer

I've got a lot of great independently produced toys on my shelves, but the absolute favorite of my Glyos related figures is the Savage Adventurer. While the entire Battle Tribes line is great, there's something about this gorgeous, tiny little man (he's just over two inches tall) I love.

Image credit: Spy Monkey Creations.
6. Hurricane Hordak

I love Hordak. He may be the coolest looking villain ever. His Masters of the Universe Classic figure just looks plain snazzy on my shelf.

Image credit: MattyCollector.
5. Spider-Girl

I love May "Mayday" Parker, one of Marvel's greatest creations of the 90s and 00s, now barely a footnote. And I love her even more as a plastic figure I can feature on my shelf. She's been at war with Snowman for months now.

Image credit: She's Fantastic.
4. Machine Robo 01: Bike Robo (a.k.a. Cy-Kill)

I loved the Go-Bots. I know most people look back at them now as second rate Transformers, but the line was tons of fun back in the mid-eighties. While it was obvious which line would win the war on quality, I still love a lot of those classic figures even if they've been left in limbo for most of the last two decades. Now the line is finally being revived, albeit under their original Japanese names, as Hasbro owns all the Go-Bots names while having no access to the original molds. Action Toys is now releasing them internationally and if my new Cy-Kill is any indication, these diecast / plastic hybrid toys are all stellar.

Image credit:
3. Matt Trakker

I love M.A.S.K. Someone needs to freaking revive M.A.S.K. If a movie is ever made, it might be abominable, but if it comes with remakes of the classic toys I'll be all in. In the mean time, I can just enjoy this amazing G.I. Joe figure of Specialist Trakker, an amazing rendition of the team's leader from just a few years back.

Image credit: 

2. Netossa

Netossa was a cool looking character with an abominable gimmick and a so-so figure in the old She-Ra line. And while her gimmick is still goofy, the new version of the figure from the Masters of the Universe line is all around amazing. She's still one of my favorite toys to play with on a regular basis.

Image credit: 
1. Despara

What villain is even cooler looking than Hordak? She-Ra dressed up as the female version of Hordak, of course! Despara was a creation of the recent DC Masters of the Universe comic book, but despite a few flaws on the alternate head, the hard to get MOTU Classics version is currently my favorite figure to marvel at on a regular basis. She's just tons of fun to play around with and give cool poses with both her blades and staff.

Image credit:
Do you have a favorite of my picks? Do you have a favorite figure that helps you brainstorm? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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  1. Very cool list. Some of these I haven't even heard of. Despera looks like a bad ass.

  2. I'm gonna have to track down a Matt Tracker figure now ,with the new shared universe comic,Revolution , dropping.I like the variety In your top 10 list.