Monday, September 19, 2016

Different Kinds of Super: Moana

Image Credit: Disney's Moana on Facebook.
One of the reasons I dubbed this page Super Powered Fiction is because I wanted to differentiate myself from what's often called "superhero fiction". I think the term superhero is limited, as it immediately draws to mind costumed adventurers in some kind of pseudo-modern setting. But for hundreds of years, stories of super powered beings have floated through every form of entertainment ever. Once in a while, I like to spotlight a piece with a clearly super powered being, even if it doesn't fall into the traditional idea of a superhero.

Disney's latest animated feature definitely fills that category. With a young female lead that is "friends" with the ocean and a super-strong demigod as the leads, the film looks to tell a unique tale with two heroes that must use their abilities to save the day. How is that not a piece of super powered fiction?

Check out the full trailer for the film below:

I'm definitely excited for this one when it releases at the end of November. What do you think of Disney's latest animated feature?

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