Thursday, August 11, 2016

The mystery of "The Pilgrim"

I created The Pilgrim as a short story near the end of my fifty-two stories in fifty-two weeks back in 2014. Released on Thanksgiving Day, it was a web only tale, a conscious choice at the time to play with publishing avenues. Of course, that version of Super Powered Fiction died in a fire thanks to the abominable web host Arvixe and since that time the tale sat out of print.

Until today.

The Pilgrim has now joined Claus Vs. Kong, The Scavenger and The Editor at Wattpad.

While I have only hinted at the larger corners of the Quadrant Universe, I certainly have introduced figures of great power. Doctor Cosmic and The Grand Magister certainly fit that bill as important figures from beyond Earth, but I didn't really have a force-of-nature type character with a mystical bent. Heck, I've barely explored the mystic end of the universe at all.

And while The Pilgrim is a short work (under a thousand words), it hints at a greater figure, a spirit bent on righting wrongs of a more personal nature. This is his first appearance, but he will be back in other tales, as he comes face to face with the heroes of the Quadrant Universe, heroes that might not be as keen on his personal brand of vengeance.

Read The Pilgrim at Wattpad. Or check out the handy embedded version below.

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