Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Great Art: Kamen Rider

I've been on quite the Kamen Rider kick as of late. I have a fondness for the visual style of the series, although my connection to it is really only a few bootleg episodes on the early days of streaming internet video and the action sequences from the often otherwise nauseating Saban show Masked Rider. But lately, I've been revisiting the character, perhaps because I'm revisiting an anime and tokakatsu-inspired novel of late while also developing a motorcycle riding superhero of the 1970s. Whatever the reason, I've been looking at some great Kamen Rider art. This piece appears to be by a Chinese artist who apparently goes by the name Tú Bì (according to Google Translate), which in English means Painted Wall. While I literally have no other information about this individual, this piece below is one of several featuring the character in multiple iterations. (If you've got any additional information on the artist, please share it in the comments section. I would love to learn more about them! )

Click for the full-sized version.
Anyone interested in more on the series should check out this handy web resource or check out the first volume of the original comic that inspired it all on Comixology.

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