Thursday, June 23, 2016

Enter the wasteland of 'The Scavenger'!

When I first published The Scavenger in 2014, it was just a simple Short Shot story with a post-apocalyptic feel. But since then I've released Lightweight: Beyond. Anyone that has read both stories can see distinct similarities in setting. This should come as no surprise though, as The Scavenger is actually the first appearance of the planet Nill.

When I first released the Short Shot, I already knew it was going to hint at the future of Lightweight, even while the first few chapters of the Lightweight saga were still underway. I wanted to write a short piece to give me the feel for the world, especially because I knew when the upcoming fourth Lightweight novel is released, major elements of this story will come to play as Kevin Mathis seeks to stop Nill's destruction.

But that is an entirely different tale. We are here to discuss The Scavenger. At just under a thousand words, it is one of my favorite pieces of flash fiction. It is also conveniently available at whatever price you would like to pay. Released under a Creative Commons license, it is available now at Smashwords and you can pay anything for it from nothing to a few thousand bucks. Or if you would rather just read it right away, you can conveniently read it through Wattpad either at the site or in the reader below.

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