Monday, May 2, 2016

Pick up your copy of Lightweight: Beyond!

After two successful volumes in the last two years, I raised money through Kickstarter to make the third volume of the Lightweight series, Lightweight: Beyond, a reality late last year. The book was released to backers in the end of March.

Now I am proud to announce its wide release to fans nationwide and worldwide. 
Cover art by Brent Sprecher. Logo design by Cynthia Celeste Miller.
This new volume tells the tale of Kevin's inadvertent trip to another world and both the galactic level threats and the political players that want to use him for their own needs. The mysteries of Kevin's origins on Earth take a far wider implication when he finds himself on a world that another "Lightbringer" ravaged centuries before.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Millie hopes to find her lost friend. Her quest brings her into contact with two other inheritors of the Lightweight name, even as she stumbles closer and closer to the truth of Kevin's new whereabouts. 

Everything builds to a pulse-pounding fight to the death, one that Lightweight may not survive.

Lightweight: Beyond is now available in paperback format and Kindle editions from Amazon. Special order copies are also available wherever books are sold. 

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