Monday, January 18, 2016

Kickstart the Week 39: Ninja High School Textbook

It is a new year and a new era of Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and Patreon projects!

We kick off the new year with the second massive collection of an absolute classic of American manga: Ben Dunn's Ninja High School.

First started thirty years ago, I actually started reading colorized editions of the first issues right around the time the issues in the second volume of the NHS Textbook series were published. Issues 24 through 43 saw print from 1990 to 1994 and covered the transition of the title from Eternity Comics (a subsidiary of Malibu) to Antarctic Press (a small press founded and ran concurrently to NHS by Dunn himself.)

With the series slowly moving towards a return and now at its 30th anniversary, creator Ben Dunn has set out to collect the nearly two hundred issues of the comic (including various mini-series and spinoffs) published over the past thirty years.

If you have never experienced Ninja High School, it tells the tale of normal kid Jeremy Feeple and his two love interests in the form of alien princess Asrial and ninja Ichi. Both seem to believe they can make Jeremy marry them, but that is just the beginning of anime and manga inspired hijinks. By this point in the series though, the pure comedic aspects of the early issues were starting to fade. While the comic remained humorous, it also covered more mature topics.

The new collection is already funded, but stretch goals promise more great stuff as more folks back the project. Watch the video for it below and then head over to Kickstarter and a have a look at the rewards.

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